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The Bakewell Spectacular Case Study

The Brief

The Bakewell Spectacular has only been running for a few years yet attracts thousands of visitors every year. With the growing success of the show the organisers decided to improve the online information available for the show. As well as add online bookings and advertise for more stands, displays and visitors.

The Process

We spent some time with the organisers to gain a better insight into the long term planning for the show, we then looked at many other shows that are held across the UK. Once a concept was agreed upon we then started on the design, not just from an organisers view but also from a visitors and exhibitors view point, so we could produce a website that would be very functional, easy to use and attractive.

The Results

The completed website has been constructed on a content management level so it can be updated with ease by the show team. It has easy functions to take bookings as well as arrange for exhibitors to book in. Since the new website has been launched there has been a dramatic growth in website activity and now the show expects over 10,000 visitors a year.