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SuperFast Hosting


We are all familiar with home and business broadband and getting the best speed we can to download websites and their content. But have you ever considered your website may not be on the best platform to provide your customers with the best download times or experience?

As more of your customers use fibre optics to get on the internet and sales increase on the global stage traditional website hosting may not be able to provide the speed that your customers demand. Potential customers expect to see your content, whether it be on desktop or mobile, instantly. 


Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting is very simple. You host your website on a "server", then visitors get to see your website once the content has been downloaded to their browser from that server. Seems great, however most providers host hundreds or thousands of other websites on the same server. This means that server has to display thousands of websites at a time which obviously puts limits on how quickly yours will be displayed.

It also begs the question, how safe is my website, who am I sharing it with and where is it hosted? Many are hosted in America or Europe, which will cut the load time again, not a lot, but enough for Google to notice.

There are some very good hosts available, however, just by hosting them in one place will limit your websites performance.

The Hub

To overcome these restrictions on the websites that we host we have taken a fresh look at hosting and now provide as standard a new SuperFast hosting platform. Our solution is split into two separate areas the hub and the network.

The hub is a SuperFast platform where all our websites are stored, there are no restrictions on bandwidth, RAM, processors or any of the other things traditional servers suffer from. The more processing power your website needs the more that is provided automatically. We call this elastic hosting. Your data is totally secure and automatically backed up to ensure everything is safe and protected.


The Network 

Our network solution provides the answer to the limitations that arise from having your website on only one server.  Like your web browser we cache your website in over 100 locations across the world, so when a potential customer looks for your website it is there, fresh, ready and locally available to see. By doing this your website can load between 300% - 400% faster. The total network has a capacity of over 10Tbps.

The network runs independently of the Hub and provides additional features to ensure the smooth running of your website. For example potential threats to your website are stopped at the network level as they see a cache version of your site, not the live website.  We can turn off your website and just display the cache version enabling you to work on your site until any changes are completed.

For those professional websites who demand the quickest page loading possible we also have a Pro Plan which improves image loading, adds additional firewalls and increases page loading with advanced compression.



SuperFast hosting is a standard feature of all our website builds and comes free of charge with Orchestra and websites on a monthly plan.

We also provide purely hosting packages for other websites built in SilverStripe.


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