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Looking For New Opportunities

Aspirational people that are in business are always looking for genuine opportunities. When we started putting our partnership programme together we wanted to make it a real opportunity for anyone with drive and a desire to earn more for themselves and their family.

Our partnership programme is a fundamental part of our business plan for 2017 and the commissions it offers form a major investment in our partners.  As well as the financial rewards we believe that support, help and good advice need to be there too.  As part of our rewards programme we will be offering great support to help all of our partners succeed.


The Rewards

The rewards programme operates in a very simple way, it will pay you between 5% and 15% for every warm lead that you provide and that is converted into a new client. If the client pays with one payment, we pay you on receipt. If the client pays with our monthly licence you get paid every month. Payments every month may not seem great, but it will mean you will get a payment every month based on the value of the total amount of all the sales you get, month on month, year on year.

As a bonus if you provide a lead who is more than a warm lead, someone who is ready to sign we will give you an extra 5% bonus.


Our Services

Let's be clear - we do not sell shampoo or cleaning products, we are offering the next generation of websites. It is something that every business should have and we believe that once they see how powerful our websites are it will be an easier sell than shampoo!

An analogy of a duck on water can best describe the next generation of website, it looks calm on the outside, but behind the scenes things are working feverishly away.  Our services can be very straightforward or they can be very complicated, so we have kept our partners responsibilities very simple, to provide hot leads that we can convert to fee paying clients. Our services are aimed at companies or individuals who not only want a premium website but want a website that will make a significant difference to their business.


What Next?

If you would like to know more contact us today and we will be happy to discuss all of our services and our partnership programme in detail.



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