Carbon Free Hosting

Our software is powered by the wind

100% Carbon Free Hosting

The vast majority of the internet is powered by fossil fuel. The servers that power websites, video, information services need power 24/7, lots of it and that all equals a lot of CO2. This is why we decided to make a difference, even a humble difference.

All our websites, software and services are powered by 100% renewable energy.

green clouds
green windfarm

SuperFast Hosting

Being green does not mean you have to sacrifice performance, not at all. We operate the latest dedicated servers so your new software runs at super-fast speeds.


Our UK based Datacentre was built from the ground up to be efficient, with a PuE rating of between 1.2 and 1.3 and environmental management policy externally assessed to ISO 14001 standards.


green datacentre

Global Markets

We live in a global market and internet services need to adapt to these growing markets. As part of our service, we operate a global cache service, from 151 locations across the world. This service allows your website or software to be accessed quickly from any location on a global scale.

Hosting is often overlooked, but it is key to ensure you, your customers and prospects can access your services quickly and efficiently. 

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