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SuperFast Hosting 

Traditional hosting is slow, insecure and unreliable when compared to SuperFast hosting.

Users now access websites not only from desktops but use high speed broadband, SuperFast hosting meets all your expectations.


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Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting is provided by a single computer or server, when a website is visited it is that single server that provides the content.

The vast majority of websites are stored on a shared server.  This means you share your hosting with thousands of other websites and the more you share the slower the speed of your website. Some providers offer a dedicated server for your website, but this can cost thousands per year. 

All of these options rely on the speed and security of one server. 





Global Hosting

Our SuperFast hosting adds your website to our SuperFast hub.  

We provide your website with unlimited broadband width and its own server with the processing power to give it all the horsepower it could ever need.

A cache of your website is then distributed to 151 servers across the world.  When someone accesses your website it is downloaded from a server close to their location. This therefore increases page loading by 300% - 400%.






Our Hosting Solution

When you log into your website to make changes or to work with Orchestra, you work on the hub - directly giving you access to all that additional horsepower.

To give you 100% uptime we can, upon request, display your website via the caching servers and take the main website offline. Therefore your site does not go down if you need to make some major changes. The caching is also a monster firewall against hacking. 

SuperFast hosting is our standard platform and is free of charge for all monthly Orchestra packages.  


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