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We do not just build platforms for our clients, we build them for ourselves.

To get a feel of what can be achieved in your organisation, check out our platforms and sign up for a free trial. If you would like to see more we'll be happy to give you a behind the scenes demonstration. 


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Tickety Boo Business

Tickety Boo Business is a stand alone platform which allows users to create a new website, use a free CRM and email marketing software, all via a self operation subscription system.

With additional subscription services it provides a high volume web service which can run totally independent with little or no human assistance. 


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Tickety Boo Ink

Tickety Boo Ink is an independent website and marketing platform for Authors. It works with writers and authors to provide them with all the support they need to write, publish and sell their books independently.

They can independently create a website, get their manuscript published and promote their new book with a few simple clicks.


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