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Tickety Boo IT is a leading UK software developer, providing ethical software solutions for entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses.

We work with a limited number of partners to create long term investments that combine our software expertise and your expert product knowledge.

Because those who invest will profit.

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We Understand Business

Tickety Boo IT has been trading for over 20 years, which has given us the experience that will make all the difference between success and failure of a project.

Tickety Boo software can work in various ways and is decided mainly on the scope of your project, the revenue potential, and how far the project has progressed before we engage with a prospective partner.

It can start from just an idea or can be an expansion of current business or project.



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Bespoke Quality

Tickety Boo IT writes all the code for the project from scratch, this means we can develop any software solution however you wish and provide just what you need in the way you need it.


Joint Ventures

We also offer Joint ventures with Tickety Boo IT, which allows your business to expand and add new products and services without the need for any technical knowledge or large capital investments.

It also gives you the ability to use SaaS to build an ongoing revenue stream without the need for day to day work to achieve those sales.


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Ensuring Success

Once the platform is completed, we will then work with you to ensure its success by giving technical support and ongoing development as needed. 

We offer lifetime support on all of our software. We do this because we know things will not fail, and by giving you the support you need, we will create long term relationships.

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Global Websites

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Bespoke CRM

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Mobile Apps

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Green Hosting

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Joint Ventures

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Premium Websites

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Software Development

Ethical Culture

The vast majority of the internet is powered by fossil fuel. The servers that power websites, video, information services need power 24/7, lots of it and that all equals a lot of CO2. This is why we decided to make a difference, even a humble difference.

All our websites and software is powered by 100% renewable energy. And this ethical policy runs throughout our business.

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Speak to Tickety Boo

Tickety Boo IT enables you to develop new and exciting digital services easier than ever. A joint venture with Tickety Boo IT gives you the ability to expand your products and services like never before.


Contact us today to see how we can prosper together.